I have many family and friends who cook delicious meals. Several have created their own recipes & have useful tips & hints as well. They are adept at both the quick and easy variety as well as the more elaborate style of cooking. I have often used their recipes very successfully and in turn I have been asked for the recipes by those who have tried the dishes.

It is time for their expertise to be displayed and shared in Quality Living Styles Recipe Network. This segment presents a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes to cater for all tastes. It is a place to share recipes, gain expertise & learn cooking styles around the world. Please click the links above to visit the recipes that are presently showcased.

I am sure there are lots of interesting stories around food, so please send your tales of humor, culture & traditions related to food. If you would like to share your recipes, or know someone whose recipes should be shared on this website please email Nirmala at,
with your contact details and recipe information.

From this site many regular cooks may form bonds of friendship through the medium of food. There are no age restrictions & men, women & children are welcome to submit their recipes. Just click on the links above to access the recipes of all the different participants. For access to other sites on this website please use the links at the left and bottom.

Recipe Conversions

Many recipes on this site have their origins in other parts of the world. Sometimes the measures used may not be familiar. Use this handy link to easily convert the measures to that which you use.
Recipe Conversions
The link that follows will help you in finding the correct pan size for baking.
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