Indiran's, Quick and Easy Braised Eggplant

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Indiran Pather

Eggplants, also known as Brinjal and Aubergine, of which there are several varieties, may be prepared in many ways. They can be baked, fried, combined in curries with other vegetables, made into salads, dips such as baba ganouch, and curried in many different styles. They are all very delicious.

My husband, Indiran recently braised almost half of a large globe eggplant. It was really delicious and yet quick and easy to make.

Indiran is a busy man who works hard as a Professor, at a school of pharmacy. He has many interests including wood work, cycling and tennis. He is a very good cook, but these days, he cooks to relax, as it is very different from his day at work. Indiran likes to use High Heat cooking oils when he stir fries vegetables because these oils have a very high smoking point & are good for deep frying and other high-heat cooking methods

Do try Indiran's Braised Brinjal Curry. We ate it with roti . It was really good.


  1. 3 tblsp. High Heat Safflower oil
  2. 3 cups sliced eggplant cut in 2" by ¼" thick pieces
  3. 1 tsp. chili powder
  4. 1½ tsp. coriander powder
  5. 1 tsp. cumin
  6. ¼ tsp. turmeric
  7. 1/3 cups sliced onion
  8. 1 sliced Roma tomato
  9. salt to taste


  • Heat oil until very hot. Drop in eggplant carefully with a long handled spoon. Then put on lid as the oil tends to splatter
  • Let the contents simmer, stir then stir fry for 2-3 minutes
  • Add onion, mix & stir fry for 1 minute, follow with tomatoes
  • Blend ingredients & continue cooking another minute
  • Add all the spices & salt. Stir, lower heat to medium setting. If the eggplant mix is too dry add a tablespoon of water at a time, up to 3 times
  • Reduce heat to low, simmer for 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat & serve with rice, roti or bread.

eggplant curry

Indiran's Braised Eggplant Curry

eggplant in pot, being cooked

Eggplant cooking in Pot

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