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Hospital Visiting Tips

Hospital Visits

I usually visit friends or relatives if they are admitted to hospitals. My only thoughts on visiting sick patients in hospitals are to convey concern and to wish them well. Recently a patient was hospitalized and admitted to the intensive care unit as a result of a stroke. He was paralyzed on the right side and was unable to speak

Since the patient was in intensive care, visiting times were restrictive. However the family noticed that the patient's blood pressue became high during visiting hours compared to when there were no visitors. It was also noted that the visitors often set a melancholy mood by responses such as expressing deep sympathy and even crying in the patient's presence.

Althought this patient could not speak, he could hear and often listened to the deep concern of the visitors. This added to the rise in blood pressure and increased heart rate. The family then decided to restrict the number of visitors.

What one should be aware of when visiting patients is:

  • Ask family members whether it is okay to be visiting the patient
  • Ask them if there are any time restrictions
  • Ask if there is anything else that you should say or not say to the patient
  • If the family suggest that visiting is not recommended, do not take offence. It may be in the best interests of the patient
  • You could sent a note to the patient or ask the family to convey your good wishes

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In the case of the patient with the stroke, the family suggested that visitors greet the patient and then address the patient by discussing things that the patient would normally want to know. Just go on talking about your job, the weather, the kids, sports, movies, books or food. Do not just ask how the patient is and then just sit there. The absence of conversation may send a negative message to the patient.

Of course, if you are unwell, do not visit a sick patient. You could endanger the patient as well as yourself. Hospitals are known to be a source of infection and germs.

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