September 2011 Tips

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The last 2 months of tips concentrated on travel. The August 2011 tips, was largely about improving health and saving money. My favorite tip was saving money, by taking one's own lunch to work. For easy reference, here is a link to, August Money Saving Tips

Money Management Tools

While browsing the local newspaper I came across an article by Claudia Buck, titled, Websites Have Fun Money Lessons. I have used that information for this month's tips, as I believe it is useful for teenagers, children and adults.

If you would like help in talking to your children about the need to save money & cut spending, there are some excellent resources on the internet that will help you to address this important topic.

On the website of T Rowe Price, the global investment company, there is information for children of all ages. At the website, look at the links on the bottom right hands side. When you click on that, you will find interesting information on how to address the subject of money and spending. There are videos, as well as online games, directed towards basic money. Check out the website, Money Management Tools

It is never too early for little children to begin to learn to manage money. A delightful pink piggy is the central character. The coloring book, puzzles, stories & games, are aimed at children learning to make smart financial decisions. Here is where you can download the, Children's Activity Book This book is a part of the company's online game and an interactive exhibit at, INNOVENTIONS, at Epcot, at the Walt Disney World Resort, in Florida.

It is designed for children between the ages of eight and fourteen. It is a captivating and educational exhibit that offers families, a hands-on experience with talking piggy banks, big bad wolves, & fun activities. More importantly, it can help you initiate a financial conversation with your children that will last a lifetime.

The Money Mammals is a creation of John Lanza. This family kit consists of a DVD, picture book, allowance book and three money-saving jars. It costs around $29. JA Finance targets teens via in interactive game with teens and their parents. This virtual computer game, lets teens and their parents go through real-life financial situations together. You can play the game at, Finance Park Virtual Games

More Money-Management Websites

To help kids identify advertising tricks and slick advertisements check out, Don't Buy It
Financial Conversations for parents of kids 2-22, has information for parents & children on all money matters.

A company that focuses on financial literacy, based on age can be accessed at, Financial Education for All ages
Money Management Apps

In Conclusion

There are several more resources on the website. These are a few that you can begin to use with your family.

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