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Carrot Peanut Butter, Smoothies: Fold fitted Sheets

Monthly Tips April 2010

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I will also feature gadgets that I find really useful, that maybe useful to you.

Carrot Peanut Butter

grating butter

Here is the plain microwaved carrot, plain peanut butter and the mix of carrot and peanut butter

I love peanut butter with toast. The bottled type is too sweet for my taste. I prefer the freshly ground peanut butter as it has no added sugar, salt or preservatives. Peanuts really do have their own natural sweetness.

At our local store a machine is available for customers to make their own peanut butter. You can do this at home as well. I read a tip that if you mix carrots (I am sure any fruit or vegetable) to the peanut butter, it reduces the amount of peanut butter that is consumed, thus reducing fat intake.

I tried this and really liked it. Just wash, scrape and microwave 1 medium carrot. Mash and add to the peanut butter in proportions that you choose. You can try the same method with almond butter as well. Experiment with different fruits and vegetables. Eat healthy & share your tips.

Delicious Smoothie

I just made myself a most delicious smoothie. This is a convenient way to consume fruit, milk and nuts. This is my recipe:
Half a glass of 1% percent milk, ½ half a banana & ½ apple, (I used golden delicious) a handful of walnuts, & a pinch of cardamom.

Just pulse everything in a food processor. Pour into a glass. I like adding a piece of ice. It is simply delicious. There is no need for sugar, the fruits are sweet enough.

Heloise Hints

A reader suggested using coffee filters to cover food being microwaved. If you find that this blows away from the food, just damp it a little. It will stay in place plus the wetness may add some moisture to the food you are heating.

Coffee filters also make good containers for snacks

Here is an easy way to block drafts coming in through the door. Roll up an old towel. Secure with duct tape and place on draft area

Heloise Hints-Sheets

An easy way to fold fitted sheets is to put your hands into the corners of 2 ends, (like mittens), then grab the partners on the opposite side. Now slip your hands out and fold the sheets.

To keep all sheet sets together after a wash, fold sheets and pillow cases. Then put everything into 1 pillow case. No more looking around for different parts of the set.

To keep the flat sheet intact, take the ends and either knot it and slip under the mattress or gather ends, make into a "ponytail", twist and slip under the mattress.

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