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Monthly Tips May 2010

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These handy tips are from family, friends & the media. Most of them have been tried and tested

I will also feature gadgets that I find really useful, that maybe useful to you.

Supermarket Carts/Trolleys & Baskets

In South African we called these, trolleys and here in the US we call them carts. Listening to some topics on health, revealed that these carts are absolute hotspots for all kinds of germs. They are left out in the open, sometimes customers leave their rubbish in the carts, and children with shoes sometimes sit in carts as well. When your child sits in the front of these carts, make an effort to wipe down the front handles of the cart and the seat.

Customers pushing the carts may not have washed their hands after using the restroom or wiping their nose, and they now touch the handles of the cart. Coughing also spreads germs on the cart. There are some supermarkets that offer handywipes which may help somewhat. It is of utmost importance that when you choose your vegetables, put them into the plastic bags that are available and not directly in the cart itself. Make sure you wash your hands well after using the cart or basket.

Staples, Remotes & Bananas

When removing staples from documents, use the magnet side of a business card. That way you can collect all the staples in one easy location.

Remotes carry dust. When not in use keep them upside down.

If you have too many ripe bananas, slice a few and freeze them in small zip lock bags. Besides being a good source of protein they make tasty snacks, especially on a hot day.

Heloise Hints, Cleaning with Vingegar, Eyeglasses & Paint Brushes.

Vinegar again comes to the rescue. Use half to one cup of vinegar to a ½gallon of water. Put into labelled spray bottle. Use on eyeglasses, windows and mirrors. It is cheap as well as environmentally friendly.

Soak paint brushes for a few hours in a mix of water and vinegar. The brushes will retain their softness.

Tips from Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz

When traveling make your carry-on multitask. Take one that you can put under the seat in front of you without taking up the whole space. In flight, rest your feet on it to help reduce foot and ankle swelling. And get up every 2 hours to reduce the risk of dangerous blood clots.

Take a book to read, music devices, & a laptop if you have one. Carry snacks like nuts, celery sticks, raisins, whole grain crackers with with peanut butter or sunflower seed butter. Drink plenty of water. you will arrive at your destination feeling energetic and looking good.

When traveling International flights consider taking Melatonin. It really works to reduce the effect of jet lag. Follow the directions on the bottle.

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