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Monthly Tips June 2010

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June is home safety month so I have featured several useful tips for around the home.

Knife Care

Heat can damage blades, so if you have a good set of knives, do not stir hot food with them. Wash all good cutlery by hand soon after using them unless the manufacturer states that the cutlery is dishwasher safe.
Although I often do this, it is advisable not to soak cutlery with handles, in water. It could damage and loosen them, especially wooden handles. Make sure that they are dried thoroughly before storing.

Knives with serrated edges depend on the notches for their cutting ability according to Readers Digest, Household Hints and Handy Tips. Therefore they should either be sharpened only by professionals or not at all.

Bathroom Safety

Avoid using electrical appliances such as space heaters, hair dryers or radios near water. If the appliances accidentally fall into the tub of water where someone is bathing, it can be fatal. In addition all bathroom appliances should be equipped with ground fault interrupters. This may prevent a fatal accident.

If the bathroom door has a lock, ensure that you have a doorknob with an outside lock release. This will easily let open the door should children accidentally lock themselves inside.

If there are children and elderly folk in your home ensure that the rugs in the bathrooms have non skid backing. Safety grip handles are also a good idea.

According to homesafetycouncil.org drowning and submersion account for almost 88 deaths each year. A young child can drown in as little as 1 inch of water. Be diligent and watch children when they are near a bathtub, pool or other body of water

Never, never leave infants & small children alone in the bath. A small child, sitting in a container of water, unsupervised, can easily topple over with disastrous consequences.
Ensure the water is a comfortable temperature before a child enters the water.

There are useful tips that you can view in this video. Just click on, Home Safety Tips

Keep the soap away from children. They may try to eat it or if they drop it, they may try to reach for it and fall in the process.

Above all, bath time should be a fun time. Do not be distracted by your phones. Enjoy the time with children in the tub. Sing, show them how to wash themselves, pour fresh warm water on their backs. They will come out feeling relaxed.

Most Indian families massage little babies and infants with oils after a bath. This not only provides good moisturizing for the skin, but also helps in the bonding process. Cuddling and massaging is comforting to children and helps them to feel rested and calm. (You may reap the benefits of babies also having a good long sleep after this!!).

Bathroom Mirrors

If the bathroom mirror gets fogged after a shower, switch your hairdryer on a low temperature and wave it over the mirror. The warms air will demist the mirror.

As an alternate to store bought glass cleaners, use an equal mix of water and vinegar. For stubborn stains use full strength vinegar.

Use your old toothbrushes to clean small nooks and crannies. Just make sure you store it amongst your cleaning equipment and not the toothbrush holder!!

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