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Food Processors and Other Things

Monthly Tips July 2010

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These handy tips are from family, friends & the media. Most of them have been tried and tested.

I will also feature gadgets that I find really useful, that maybe useful to you.

Food Processors & Other Things

Did you notice that the food processor discs have a fairly large hole in them? Well, they are there for your safety. Insert your fingers in the holes to pick up the discs. You avoid having to touch the sharp edges that cut and grate.

The pulse button on blenders and food processors are useful because you will get a more even blending. The food redistributes itself between pulses.

If you are making a dish like salsa or guacamole, the food processor is useful as you can use it for several items, like chopping onions, chilies and tomatoes. If you intend using it for just one item, consider whether it is easier to just chop or slice as compared to washing the food processor.

Food in a round dish cooks more evenly in a microwave. A shallow dish allows more even cooking than a deep one.

Tips that may help with overcoming Stress

Some of these tips appeared in Woman's Day, April 1, 2010

Dark chocolates are high in flavonoids & are known for their relaxing properties. Chocolate contains phenethylamine, a chemical enhances mood. You get more healthy substances in your diet, the darker the chocolate. Look for chocolate bars that are 70 percent cacao or higher.

Warm milk is supposed to be calming. A study found that woman who drank 4 or more glasses of low fat or skim milk every day were about half as likely to experience stress-related PMS than those who drank less than one serving a week.

Walnuts are known to lower blood pressure. Research very strongly backs their health benefits. It is recommended that at least 1½ oz. should be consumed daily.

Serotonin is a calming hormone that helps to alleviate the negative effects of anxiety. Carbohydrates help one produce serotonin. Oat is a healthy choice of carbs as it is high in fiber so that the body will absorb it slowly. In this way the serotonin boost will be prolonged. You will be full on less our blood sugar will be in check.

A good way to reduce hot flashes is to have tea made with Sage leaves.

A brisk walk helps to reduce stress. Your body will be pumped with feel-good endorphins as well as the hormone nonrepinephrine, that helps to better manage anxiety.


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