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Ingredient Measures for Fruit

Easy Ingredient Measures for Fruit

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Continuing from last December's Substitutions in a Hurry, here is a similar list that explains measurements. You may not have to give up on that recipe after all.

Especially during the festive season a lot of us are looking at cooking and there are times that we don't have what the recipe asks for. I recently found a full page newspaper guide, (that I had saved all these years) that included what they describes as Emergency Substitutions. I am including a part of the list and will continue with the rest of the list on an ongoing basis.The information was listed in a newspaper published in Star Tribune in Minneapolis St. Paul on Thursday, January 11, 2001

This list is about Ingredient Measures for Fruits.

Easy Measures
Fruits Quanity Amount
Apples, diced or sliced 1lb.(3med), 2¾ cup, almost 1 cup
Apricots, dried 1lb. 3 cups (4 ½cooked)
Apricots Fresh 1lb. (5-8 medium) 2¼cups sliced, (1
Bananas 11b (3-4 med) 2 cups sliced (1& 1/3 cup mashed)
Berries(except strawberries) 1lb 2 cups
Cherries Canned 15 oz. can 1¾ to 2 cups
Dates, pitted 1lb 2½ cups
Grapes, seedless 1lb 2½ cups
Juice, canned 46 oz.can 5¾ cups
Lemon Juice 6 medium lemons 1 cup juice
Lemon Zest, grated 1 lemon 2-3tsps
Lime Juice 8 medium limes 1 cup juice
Orange Juice 3 medium oranges 1 cup
Orange Zest, grated 1 orange 1 tablespoon
Peaches, canned, sliced 15 oz. can 1¾-2 cups
Peaches, fresh, sliced 1lb (4 medium) 2 cups
Pears, fresh, sliced 1lb (4 medium) 2 cups
Pineapple, canned, chunks & crushed 20 oz. can 2 ½ cups
Pineapple,fresh, cubed, (i med.) 2lb 3 cups
Prunes, dried, pitted 1 lb 2 ¼ cups (4 cupscooked)
Raisins 1lb 2 ¾ cups: 1 cup-6oz
Rhubarb, fresh, diced 1lb 3 ½ cups (2 cups cooked)
Strawberries 1lb 1¾ cups sliced

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