Monthly Tips July 2011- Packing Cheat Sheet

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Following on last months tips on travel, I decided to make up a cheat sheet for packing. So that is the tips for July. Here is a link to the Cheat Sheet.
Packing Cheat Sheet

I decided that a cheat sheet was necessary as I recently packed for a trip, and left behind things like my toothbrush and my phone charger. Please print this document. As you pack, check the items that you have already put into your bags. That way you will ensure that you do not leave things behind.

Of course this applies vice-versa as well. When you leave your destination, make sure you pack all your belongings. So pack an extra copy of the cheat sheet to carry with you. If you have suggestions to add other items, please do let me know.

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Now quickly and easily navigate to your next destination.