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Cut Back on Sweet Treats

Suggestions for Cutting back on Sweet Treats

Supermarkets have aisles and check out counters with tempting candies, treats and cookies that often make us salivate and purchase these products. These days there is so much of information available to parents to help them make sensible choices when purchasing food products, including desserts.

When my kids were younger I often bought them sugared treats, sodas and cookies. I believed that juices were good for them, not realizing that it had a high sugar content and that this was not a good thing. I would defintely do things differently if I knew all the health risks of treats with sugar.

That is why I was happy to see this useful chart that has suggestions to provide kids with healthful treats.

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Here is a link to the chart, Cut Back on Your Kids Sweet Treats

You can print and keep the chart in a handy place.

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