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Surprisingly Healthy Foods

I was not sure on what tips to include this month but knew that I wanted to include something about eating healthy foods. I looked at a few options and then found an excellent series of videos on surpringly healthy foods.

These include natural peanut butter, popcorn, flax seeds, oregano, brazil nuts and bananas amongst several others. I usually grind my own peanut butter at a store that has a grinding machine for peanuts.

If you do not have such a resource, try grinding your own nuts if you have a powerful blender. Another option is to check local health food stores that may stock peanut butter with no sugar added. Be sure to apply it on whole wheat bread. I also apply natural peanut butter to slices of apple and I enjoy this a lot. If at first you find this strange, just stick with it and you will soon acquire a taste for it. The benefits of eating this healthy snack/breakfast is so great.

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Here is a link to the, Videos on suprisingly healthy foods

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