Delicious Methi Poori

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Veena Pillay

These delicious pooris were made by my friend Veena Pillay, formerly from Durban, South Africa. She presently lives in California, USA.

Veena, a graduate in social anthropology, is currently a stay at home mom to a delightful son. Together with her husband, Anant Kumar, they do a wonderful job of parenting their son, Siddharth. He is a very smart kid, and he reads at a level well beyond his age group.

Veena recently made Methi Poori at a potluck. It was all gone in a short while!! For those not familiar with the ingredient Methi, the English word is Fenugreek. The herb is slightly bitter but can be cooked in several ways to make delicious dishes. Veena combined it with flour to make Methi Poori. Here is the recipe


  1. 1 bunch Methi/Fenugreek leaves
  2. 2 cups unbleached wholewheat flour
  3. Boiling water
  4. Oil for frying (Canola or your favorite cooking oil)


  • Wash Methi leaves under running water. Soak in a dish and repeat washing until the water is clear
  • Mix flour & methi leaves
  • Add salt
  • Start with ¼ cup of boiling at a time to mix the flour & Methi, until you have a good dough consistency
  • Break off pieces off dough and roll until it's the size of your palm
  • Place some flour on a wooden board
  • Once you have rolled out all the pooris, fry in deep oil
  • Pooris will bubble up, Turn over in oil and remove
  • Place on paper towels to remove excess oil
  • Enjoy with Indian veg. and non-veg. curries


Soft Warm, Delicious Pooris Ready to be Eaten

Fresh Methi is usually found at Indian grocery stores. It is a herb that is about 3-5 inches in height. If you are unable to find fresh Methi, try using the frozen variety, also available at most Indian grocery stores. When frying pooris ensure that you use long handled spoons and have the oil out of the reach of little children.
For those not familiar with Indian food, Poori is also spelled Puri.

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