Food Humor

These delightful, cute images illustrate the fun and joy of children and food. The beautiful children featured, include, Johar, Zaydaan, Julia, and Ava.


Johar with beans

Johar in the midst of preparing a healthy dinner of beans and roti

Johar with chocolate
JOHAR with icecream

Johar discovering the joys of chocolate & ice-cream.

Johar with messy mouth

That dinner was good!

JOHAR bending

Milk, it's what makes the body so nimble


Zaydaan and snacks

Taste testing snacks is a big responsibility & no laughing matter


Mmmm, there's something in this carpet that adds a certain zing to the flavor. Chips should be served on the carpet!!


Ava in highchair

Of course I can eat all by myself

Ava all messy

Now to tackle the next course, just figuring out the part that goes into the mouth

Ava tired

Boy, that sure was a lot of work, quite tired!

Ava and iced lolly

Yay, this tastes good

Ava and iced lolly

I can eat like a big girl

Ava and iced lolly tired

This is not fair, the ice-lolly is making a mess & I am soooooo sleeeeeeeeeepy


Julia with pot

Child chef, JULIA, demonstrates, how a wooden spoon does double duty as a tool to clean grout.

Ava all messy

That was a scrumptious Halloween cupcake!

julia spoon

Something's strange about this spoon. They don't make them like they used to!

Julia with 1 sock off

Seriously, this meal was awesome!! It blew my sock away!!

Ava tired

I don't like this stuff!!

Julia with 1 sock off

What, that Brawny paper towel no longer absorbs all stains?

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