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Disguise Your Leftovers

Leftover Food

Most of us use leftover from a large meal to repeat the meal again or make sandwiches to take to work. Sometimes there are leftovers of that as well. What do you do, if you are unable to give it someone needy? It feels terrible to throw away good food/

A good way to ensure that your food is still in good condition is not to re-heat all the food, the second time around. If possible let people help themselves and then heat their own individual portions. You could also choose to use up several small bits of leftovers by combining them together, then enclosing in a pastry, making an interesting pie. Here is an easy, Recipe for Pie Shell.

This page has a recipe for spinach pie, if you are interested in just how to make the pie shell, just scroll the page until you see the recipe for, Pastry Ingredients

Another suggestion is to make mash, either with fresh potatoes or the dehydrated variety. Place leftovers in baking pan, then top with a layer of mash. Sprinkle some cheese on the top and bake in a moderate oven until the cheese melts

Leftovers can be used in wraps as well. Place leftover in tortilla and combine with fresh sliced onions, bell peppeers, or other vegetables. Roll them and serve. They can also be used to make quesadillas.

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Leftover Bread

Leftover bread can be made into toast. You may also apply butter or garlic butter, cut them into little squares or rectangles and bake them for 10-15 minutes on a moderate heat. Let it cool and store. Use them as croutons in salads.

Using a food processor you can also pulse bread into fine breadcrumbs. Keep in the refrigerator and use to top your casseroles, macaroni and cheese and other baked items. You could choose to toast the bread and then make them into breadcrumbs.

If you like breadpudding, this is another good way to use up bread.

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Leftover Cakes and Cookies

You could freeze left over cake, then thaw overnight and serve. You could also choose to make a delicious trifle. You do not have to bake or purchase a special cake to make trifle. Even a cake that flops, that is baked through, but crumbles easily, is perfect to disguise as trifle. Just place or slice cake in cake tray. Top with layers of custard, jelly, fruit and cream. Watch how people will rush for your trifle.

Another way to disguise your left over cake is to slice and then place in little dessert bowls, top with ice-cream, cream, with a little fruit or syrup on the top

The crumbs of cookies like shortbread, can be sprinkled on ice-cream or added to the base of a disguised trifle.

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Leftover Fruit

If it is already cut, consider adding to salads. Another delicious way to use up fruit is to make smoothies. Just add to milk and pulse in blender.

Another option is to serve the fruit with ice-cream. Sliced avocados may be used to make guacomole or make a sweet dessert by adding condensed milk. We used to often have this as little kids.

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